Stamatis Kapetanios
Managing Director/Chief Technology Officer

He founded Echovision Ltd in June 2005 and is committed to defining and delivering the company's business and technology strategy.

He has a first class degree in Electrical/Electronic and Computer Engineering from NTUA (National Technical University of Athens) and postgraduate qualifications from the University of Surrey. Prior to founding Echovision he held senior engineering management positions in a wide range of software development companies in Europe (Newbridge Networks, later acquired by Alcatel, Adaptive Broadband,Cambridge and Oregan Networks,London). Areas of expertise include media streaming, Set Top Box, switching and network access products.

Hidehiko Fujiyoshi
Director of Business Development

His business career dates back to his student years at Shizuoka University. At the age of 21 he started a company which later developed to the current Tranzas Inc. He managed to establish Tranzas Inc. as the Japanese leader in STB technology using his strategic vision, inspirational leadership and a real instinct for business. Using Japanese, English and Chinese, he is always striving for further growth together with our partners around the world.

Mitsuru Shio
Senior Board Advisor

His career spans 50 years and includes various important positions at government offices and leading American and Japanese companies: the Administration Management Agency; Japanese Prime Minister's Office, the United Nation Technical Assistance Board, Litton Industry Japan, and Time-Life Microsonic. After serving on the board of Funai Electric, he joined us in 2007. He is responsible for advice in corporate policies.

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