Echovision Ltd, was established in 2005, and is a subsidiary of Tranzas Inc the leading Japanese company in Set Top Box technology.

Our mission is to provide high quality software/hardware products and support services. This is feasible through a highly skilled and talented multinational team of embedded software and hardware engineers with a deep knowledge of streaming video/audio technology.

This is how we work with our customers:

  • We provide our customers with our THEO Media Player SDK. If the customer hardware platform is based on a chip that is already supported by the SDK then the customer will benefit immediately from the well proven architecture and code quality and take advantage of a wide range of features supported by the framework. At the same time the SDK provides the ability to extend the already existing platform functionality, providing features that other competitors may not have.

  • In case the chip is not already supported, the SDK can be easily ported in record time. This is feasible through a thin abstraction layer. The customer is free to decide whether he would like to port the SDK himself or let us handle platform porting and take advantage of our highly skilled team and our proven experience. We always work next to our customers so they have the best possible guidance and support.

  • We can provide a complete software solution (application + player). At the moment we have Opera 9 ported to our platform and have also developed many extensions to it that can take care most of the application needs.

  • We provide hardware design and manufacturing. The customer doesn't need to worry about hesitating manufacturers regarding small quantity of boards. We take care of all these details.


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